Monday, December 2, 2019


Tuesday 4
Shopping Days

1.   What do you think of discounts and sales?: Really haven't thought about them, guess they are ok  

2.   What's the biggest bargain you've found?: Our Christmas tree (1/2 price) 

3.   What do you think of shopping days like Black Friday?: I don't shop on Black Friday

4.   What are the good and bad things about shopping malls and shopping online?: Our mall does not have many stores left in it. I never shop online, don't want my credit card number out there. 


  1. I use Amazon for online and Walmart...I have a prepaid card, so no credit or debit cards, smiles. Have a great day friend, smiles

  2. I know, so many stores seem to be closing. It's very sad however I myself shop online a lot. Hooray for the 1/2 price Christmas tree.

  3. I got a good deal on our Christmas tree years ago. We still have it. Loved your answers! Have a nice week!

  4. True so many malls are closing down because of shopping online. For me it's a good thing. /have a blessed day ahead.

  5. Getting a tree for half price is always a great deal!! Have a great week!


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